The Cryptoverse — A Metaverse of Everything

Welcome to The Cryptoverse: A Metaverse Composed of Collective Imagination

Cryptoverse’s Game & Entertainment Zone

The Cryptoverse Vision

Zone-into The Cryptoverse

Cryptoverse Map

A Taste of The Cryptoverse

Cryptoverse’s Underworld
  • Unreal Engine 5 provides stunning photo-realistic graphics and boundless opportunity for interoperability with other metaverses
  • Intuitive and enriching VR/AR/XR experiences
  • Collaboration with world-renowned urban city planners responsible for designing parts of major cities
  • Cinematic artists recruited from world-class VFX studios
  • LAND Sharding and combining giving you full control of your digital real estate
  • Dual architecture SDK allowing for complex physical placement of animation states to be implemented in a single scene by multiple developers
  • Flexible building tools catering towards users with no programming knowledge and modding tool for more technical users
  • Immersive social engagement layers include the Prana system and collaborative LAND clearing incentives.

Assets Enhancing Experiences

Custom in-world vehicles including this stylish cyberpunk-themed motorcycle

An Expansive Future

Bitsee will be an avatar inside The Cryptoverse

The Cryptoverse



A collective imagination of 3D virtual world experiences. 🌕

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