Introducing the Cryptoverse LAND Sale on Galler NFT

The Cryptoverse is thrilled to announce that LAND sales are coming to Galler NFT, beginning March 22nd. This sale allows you to be among the first to own LAND in the Cryptoverse, the collective Metaverse of Everything!

By purchasing LAND, you are empowered to join in creating The Cryptoverse through verifiable ownership of your own virtual space, to be developed by yourself or in collaboration with others as you please. A full range of custom-built tools are available to enable you to create and monetize experiences, from games and marketplaces to in-world virtual experiences on a scale you can choose from intimate to absolutely epic.

In the future, you will be able to subdivide your estate to provide additional flexibility in collaborative development as well as the opportunity to rent or to outsource the development of portions of your property, presenting the ultimate flexibility to collaboratively contribute to and benefit from a world in which not even your imagination is the limit.

LAND is a limited resource in the Cryptoverse — don’t miss your opportunity to stake your claim to a piece of the virtual world designed from the ground up to bring the collective imagination to life!

Cryptoverse LAND Sale Details on Galler NFT

  • Chain: BNB Chain (formerly BSC)
  • Payments accepted: BNB
  • Date: March 22 | 3 PM UTC

Estates Available

  • Small (20) — $5,200.00
  • Single (500) — $180.00

How to Participate in the LAND Sale

  1. Connect your wallet to
  2. Visit the Small Estate page or Single Parcel page.
  3. Select desired LAND and purchase.

How to Claim Cryptoverse LAND

After contributing, an ERC-20 Global Claim token will be airdropped to all eligible participants within 30 days of the last LAND sale campaign. Important: Estates tokens will be distributed on Ethereum. Single Parcel tokens will be distributed on Polygon. This token is required to select your land with the “Land picker tool” via

Towards the end of April, Cryptoverse will announce a date in late May or June when the NFT LAND minting process will open.

On the minting day, users can then visit, connect their wallet and select the location of their preference based on their initial purchase. This will be on a first-come-first-served basis.

About LAND in the Cryptoverse

LAND is the NFT (ERC-721) that represents ownership of property in the Cryptoverse. While The Cryptoverse is the first Metaverse building toward a multi-chain future, Ethereum has been chosen as the chain upon which to mint LAND due to its proven record of security and reliability.

The Genesis world, comprising eight zones characterized by unique aesthetics and focus, is home to all initially available LAND. To ensure scarcity and value within the Cryptoverse, this represents the total supply of LAND available for the foreseeable future.

Genesis Map

To learn more about LAND, the zones of the Genesis world, and the vision and technology that make The Cryptoverse the place you will want to call home in the Metaverse, please visit the Cryptoverse GitBook.

Beware Scammers!

  • Neither the Cryptoverse nor the Galler team members or admins will DM you with offers or links not presented in official channels.
  • LAND is NOT available at this time. Please be on guard for scammers.
  • Please use the links provided below for all official information pertaining to sales of LAND.

About The Cryptoverse

The Cryptoverse is an immersive 3D virtual world built in Unreal 5 which is underpinned by blockchain technology. Within the Cryptoverse, users will be empowered to create, own LAND, govern, and monetize experiences using $CGG, the token which also underpins the ChainGuardians and ChainBoost ecosystem.

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About Galler NFT

Galler is the newborn NFT Marketplace that aims to become the #1 BSC NFT platform by making the discovery and trading of NFTs EASY, FUN & REWARDING.

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